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Life is stressful — that doesn't mean you shouldn't take the time to enjoy the fun things in life. Our goal is simple: we not only want you to eat at That Place, we want you to have tons of fun while doing it.

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What people are saying

Thank heavens an Italian restaurant came to Coq. where you could get such a fantastic meal, fabulous service and all at a great price. Your meals are extremely well portioned, in fact my 2 daughters..(23 yr olds) share a dish, We love to come in as the service is super and there are always very happy staff to serve us. We also always have a "doggie bag" to take home re your portions. We love to order in as well. In fact, we call it That Place night at our house.. The meatballs are perfect, like Nona used to make and your sauce is perfect. The pizza is out of this world. Good for you guys...nice to have you in the neighbourhood!

- W. McKinnon

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